Wednesday, May 09, 2018

New kaftan maxi dress

Linen is the perfect fabric for kaftan. Comfortable and ideal for hot summer.
My last creation, détails HERE

Saturday, April 28, 2018

KAFTAN, maxi dress beach cover, the must for this summer.

This is an essential kaftan for your summer wardrobe that you want to wear day after day. Its clever design and loose fit make it a perfect dress that will flatter all figure shapes and sizes. It can be worn day into night, as a stunning swimsuit cover-up at the beach, as well as a glamorous evening dress and makes you look and feel fabulous.
Singuliere Elegance Handmade Kaftan

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fashion trends spring 2018

Spring, spring, maybe the best season of the year!!
Soon in my Etsy shop, new dresses for spring 2018.  

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Monday, November 27, 2017

Gift idea for women

Something very elegant and original, handmade by me, One of a kind.
See details HERE

Landscape picture Jasper black gold gray Rose Quartz Onyx Lava bead 

Friday, October 27, 2017

How to be a frightening but elegant women for Halloween, Dior and other famous designer's jewelry

Need something spooky and spectacular to wear this Halloween?  These designers necklaces will stand out, even from a crowd of zombies and monsters!  Dracula will not be able to resist you! 
The first ring is created by Dior, on the theme "Reines de Quartzie". The third picture is one of my creation.
Dior jewelry, "Reines de Quartzie"

Défilé "On aura tout vu" Paris

Singulière Elégance, hard case wristlet, skull
(click here to see details)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Amazing Ungaro Black velvet Matador vest

Truly amazing Ungaro bolero personnalized by me (one of a kind). Hand embroidered with sequins and crystal beads. Very "Haute Couture".
See details HERE
Ungaro Black velvet bolero Matador style personnalized

Truly amazing vest, very flattering for the silhouette

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hand painted Levis denim jacket, my own design

I painted this beautiful vintage Levi's denim jacket with acrylic paint (the color is fixed by ironing). It was a lot of work and it took me a few days but it's always a pleasure for me to use my paintings and brushes. I created this illustration, my own design, inspired by the movie "Metropolis", Fritz Lang, 1927.
This jacket is for sale HERE
The finished jacket

Saturday, August 19, 2017

My last creations, magical pendants OOAK

These are very particular necklaces, soothing to the touch, very pleasant to wear. They are made with an entada seed hand sewn into a piece of genuine ostrich leather.
The giant seeds of African Dream Herb (entada) are frequently carried or used to adorn necklaces and worn as pendants to serve as charms for luck. 
For sale in my Etsy shop : HERE
white ostrich leather pendant magical spirituality
Entada seed wraped in white ostrich genuine leather (click here to see details)

spiritual necklace for man and women
Magical pendant, (click here to see details)

Spiritual necklace good luck charm
Salamander symbol of fire and immortality, click here to see details

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Elegant Bling bling is the trend 2017 - 2018

I love bling bling, but only the Elegant bling bling. I started to create  (altered couture, transformed,  customized) leather jackets and denim jackets for this fall. This fall will be shiny, exuberant, colorful and very very happy!!
You are more than welcome to visit my Etsy shop.

Since I don't have pictures of my creations (yet), below I show you some examples of the trends for this fall.
Gucci Fall Winter-2017-2018-Campaign-Bling.bling-embroideries haute couture fashion trends fall winter 2017 2018

Fall-Winter-2017-2018-women's-ready-to-wear-collection-by-Indian-designer-Manish-Arora-during-Fashion-Week-in-Paris haute couture hivers 2017 2018
Fall-Winter 2017-2018 by Indian designer Manish Arora

Balmain-RTW-Fall-2017-2018-winter-haute-couture-luxurious fashion trends fall winter 2017 2018
Balmain RTW Fall 2017-2018 

Balmain-RTW-Fall-2017-2018-winter-haute-couture-luxurious haute couture fashion trends tendances automne hivers 2017 2018
Dolce & Gabbana fall-winter 2017-2018, flap bags latest trends 

Dolce&Gabbana-Fall-Winter-2017-18-Women's-Fashion-Show haute couture tendances automne hiver 2017 2018
Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2017-2018 Women's Fashion Show

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Etsy Shop Krupa Paranjape, or the art of embroidery

Today I am going to introduce you Krupa Paranjape, a talented artist making beautiful embroideries. Let her say a little something about her work:

"I started painting in 1981 & was fortunate to receive training & mentorship from exceptionally talented gurus. After a bachelor’s degree in painting & masters in textile design from National Institute of Design I have had a successful career as a textile designer and colorist for 12 years in India.
I am based in San Francisco Bay Area and working on various projects combining paper, fabric and yarn with hand embroidery and appliqué techniques under my own name."

Yellow warbler - Bird wall decor 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Be weird with elegance, spring 2017

The brooch, a beautiful and useful fashion accessory to personalize a hat, scarf, blouse or a jacket. A little something (or not so little!) that catches the eyes. A timeless piece of jewelry.

I created this huge brooch from a picture of a particular moth: The Polka-Dot Wasp Moth (Syntomeida epilais).
This is a real piece of art (and I am so humble!!LOL). Completely handmade by me with high quality materials. The piece is truly one of a kind! Hard to render in picture the shiny effect of the glass beads, the softness of the velvet and the luxurious pure silk. There is something very pleasant in this brooch, very easy to wear.

The polka dot wasp moth (Syntomeida epilais) is a species of moth thought to be native to the Caribbean. It looks like a very dangerous wasp, but in fact is a harmless moth.

See details in my shop
Polka-Dot Wasp Moth

Friday, March 24, 2017

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Bracelet romantic and feminine and a little bit spooky!

I just sold this bracelet in my A Little Market boutique. 100% created and handmade by me. I put a lot of work and passion in this creation. My customer, a very sympathetic women, received it a few days ago and send me an email to tell me how happy she was with this bracelet. It's so encouraging for me to receive compliment like this. It makes me want to start to make a new creation right away.

Je viens de vendre ce bracelet dans ma boutique A Little Market. 100% créé et fait-main par moi. J'ai mis beaucoup de travail et de passion dans cette création. Ma cliente, une personne très sympathique, l'a reçu il ya quelques jours et m'a envoyé un email pour me dire à quel point elle était heureuse de ce bracelet. C'est tellement encourageant pour moi de recevoir des compliments comme celui-ci. Cela me donne envie de commencer à faire une nouvelle création tout de suite.
So romantique!!

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Fashion trends spring 2017

Tory Burch, fashion designer

Tory Burch, fashion designer

Tory Burch, fashion designer

Saturday, January 07, 2017

A whimsical linen jacket (handmade by me)

This is my last creation. I had this beautiful but very simple, light green linen jacket, very comfortable and soft to the touch. I wanted to transform it into something original and unique, lots of bright colors and whimsical details. Perfect for the spring.
THE FINISHED JACKET (it's a XXL, and my mannequin is a small size,
so not easy to show the lines of the jacket, but it's very flattering to the silhouette)

The jacket before the transformation

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wire Wrapped Jewelry by Michelle Shearer

WireMoonJewelry by Michelle Shearer

Today let me introduce you Michelle Shearer, a talented jewelry maker, from California, working with wire and beautiful natural stones.

What Michelle says about herself :

"The process in which I create a new necklace or other jewelry design either starts with a stone, or an inspiration in my life. I rarely sketch before I start wire wrapping a stone. Instead, I sit and I think about that particular stone. It may sound silly, but I listen to what it has to say. Should I wrap it in silver, copper, or another metal? Should I cover most of it with wire, or let the stone do most of the showing off? When creating a piece that doesn’t have any stones in it, it often sources from an experience or inspiration from another artist. Sometimes a walk in the woods can have me running home to make a tree of life necklace. Other times a swim at the beach might make me wanting to make a jellyfish pendent.