Saturday, January 07, 2017

A whimsical linen jacket (handmade by me)

This is my last creation. I had this beautiful but very simple, light green linen jacket, very comfortable and soft to the touch. I wanted to transform it into something original and unique, lots of bright colors and whimsical details. Perfect for the spring.
THE FINISHED JACKET (it's a XXL, and my mannequin is a small size,
so not easy to show the lines of the jacket, but it's very flattering to the silhouette)

The jacket before the transformation

Cut the fabric for the "ruffle" at the bottom of the jacket

Choosing the right ornaments

The different parts are pinned in place, I need to have an idea of the final result

Finally I decided to make the buttons myself with a piece of silk I had (silk scarf)
Here I make a brooch that I will add in the end

I sew beads on each side of the band that I added to make the sleeves longer

I cut this flower out of a piece of fabric, I will put it in the back of the jacket

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Finally I decided to add a band of silk on the collar too.

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