Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wire Wrapped Jewelry by Michelle Shearer

WireMoonJewelry by Michelle Shearer

Today let me introduce you Michelle Shearer, a talented jewelry maker, from California, working with wire and beautiful natural stones.

What Michelle says about herself :

"The process in which I create a new necklace or other jewelry design either starts with a stone, or an inspiration in my life. I rarely sketch before I start wire wrapping a stone. Instead, I sit and I think about that particular stone. It may sound silly, but I listen to what it has to say. Should I wrap it in silver, copper, or another metal? Should I cover most of it with wire, or let the stone do most of the showing off? When creating a piece that doesn’t have any stones in it, it often sources from an experience or inspiration from another artist. Sometimes a walk in the woods can have me running home to make a tree of life necklace. Other times a swim at the beach might make me wanting to make a jellyfish pendent. 

I opened my Etsy shop in 2014 without knowing the first thing about it. I all knew is that I make something, take pictures of it, post it online, and hope someone will take it into their home. I wasn’t looking for a profit. I wasn’t looking to make a career out of it. When I started, I was still in high school and only wanted an excuse to continue making little wire wrapped arts. Only after a year of college and experiencing what jobs are out there, I began to wonder what I really wanted from a career. I didn’t want to do something without passion or without a say of what goes on. In the summer of 2016, I decided to throw myself into this small business I have. I want to make art for a living. I want to make people happy, inspired and feel beautiful through my art work. "

Links: Etsy Store - wiremoonjewelry.etsy.com 
instagram,pinterest & tumblr - @wiremoonjewelry 

Tree Agate Ring, Green Coiled Copper

Copper Wire Earrings, Blue Agate 

Tree Agate Necklace, Wire Weaved Jewelry

Wired Dream Catcher, Rose Quartz Stones

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